Executive Career Switch

Forced or Voluntarily?

A fast move into a new position and move away from the uncertainty and stress. Why not ask for help? Make use of my expertise and experience and together we will find your niche in the labormarket. I have worked at your level in corporates and know where you are coming from. An individual tailormade approach will do the rest.

Networking strategies and skills, a strong and convincing pitch, labor market strategies, learning how to ‘sell’ yourself are part of the services. And emotional support when things get rough to keep you confident.


Less stress, you don’t want to continue to work in the same manner. Work has become energy draining and gets less meaningfull by the week. Time for a change? Is it work, is it the company, is it you? We support you during this proces of analysis and help you discover your options and make decisions. Sometimes a little push is all it takes to see new horizons.

I focus on executives of over 45 years of age. I understand your world and its challenges and have been very succesful in supporting them to create a new perspective.

Time for action? 

Come and see me to find out for yourself how we work and what your options are. For free and the guarantee that you will at least get three pieces of valuable advice.

Send us an email and we will make an appointment to meet you.

“When you think you are there, you are gone” Aalt Aalten.